2.1kW solar pump station (Philippines,2016)

2.1kW Philippines Cauayan solar pump station,South Asia

Project Location: N16°46′, E121°47′. 

Cauayan City is in the province of Isabela, north of Luzon Island, Philippines. 
Complet time: March, 2016.

Project presentation: Cauayan solar water pump station is a new breakthrough in Southeast Asia in 2016. The project configuration is a 1.5kW stainless steel submersible pump with 2.2kW solar pump inverter &controller, a set of fixed bracket support for 30 Pcs photovoltaic solar panels 70Wp (peak power 2.1kWp) and related facilities. 

This station uses solar power to drive submersible pump to pump out groundwater and deliver to a fish pond, water pipeline length of 15m, manometric total head 66 meters and full rated flow 5m3/h. 

Thanks to this pump station, a steady stream of water is delivered to the pond with 3000 Pcs fish. The overflowed water will irrigate and fertilize nearby farmlands. This solar pump pilot project is an ideal solution to set up an eco-farm.