China Machinery Engineering Pakistan branch customer visiting our company April 4th 2019

On April 4th, 2019, China Machinery and Equipment Engineering Pakistan branch, General Director Mr. Wu and his team came to our company for visiting and inspection, our general manager Mr. Jack LEE, overseas division director Mr. Leonardo YE, research and development department director Mr. Lu, technology director Mr. Zhong, marketing department Mrs. Luo participated in the reception. 


First of all, the client and his party visited the company's science and technology ecological exhibition hall, and gave full recognition to the achievements of our company in photovoltaic water lifting, and gave high praise to our core inverter controller. 
During the meeting, the two sides carried out active exchanges and discussions, our detailed introduction of our company's scientific research, project strength, domestic and foreign market development history, and so on. For the overseas other regions of the project cooperation communication to establish a hub, subsequently, the two sides for our photovoltaic water system in Pakistan for market development and cooperation for full discussion and detailed planning, Pakistan customers to photovoltaic water extraction test local agriculture expressed a high degree of cooperation will.