Solar energy is the perfect alternative to diesel generators for water pumping irrigation system. TCI GreenAnswer converts your existing pump from running on diesel generators to solar energy. This system is proven to give long-term savings on energy costs and security from diesel’s price volatility and unreliable supply in more than 30 countries. The Off-Grid Solar Water Pumping System is designed to operate AC/DC motor pumps reaching from 1HP to 100HP. This battery-free solution is patented and cost-competitive with diesel generators. Developed especially for off-grid desert locations, this product adapts to the power needs of submersible pumps/surface pumps and can be easily scaled up to meet changing energy demands; enabling the lifting of water at increasing depth¬¬¬ levels. With every installation the client has access to the Solar Management Interface and TCI GreenAnswer provides lifecycle support of the system including performance checks and maintenance training.