30KW Solar Pump system (China ,Golmud,2013)

30KW Solar Pump (China 2013,Golmud,Qinghai Province) Urban Water Drainage Project

Pump: Vertical Surface Pump 30kW.

Basic parameter: 

Solar irradiation: 6.3kWh/m²/d Saved diesel annually: 15.07 t  
Solar array: 36kW

Saved standard coal annually:

31.46 t  
Pump power: 30kW Emission-cut of CO2 annually: 77.94 t  
Head: 9 m  Emission-cut of SO2 annually: 2.36 t  
 Flow: 850 m³/h Emission-cut of NO2 annually: 1.18 t  

Daily water flow:

Water flow annually: 186,1500m³      
Electricity output annually: 78642.92kWh