AC Solar Pump System

Solar Off-grid Water Pumping System is mainly designed for solving daily water use,cattle breeding, aquaculture and agricultural irrigation in areas that power grids have difficulty in covering. Primarily, the system is composed of PV modules, submersible pumps, controler inverters and water storage cases or pipe network. It is featured by non-pollution, maintenance-free, no noise and long service life. According to clients’ actual demands, such as daily water consumption and lift etc., the solar water pump system is the most appropriate for users can be designed.

Solar Photovoltaic Water Pumping System
Photovoltaic Polycrystalline Silicon Modules

Photovoltaic (PV) Polycrystalline Silicon Modules, as called solar panels, which are composed of a great number of PV solar cells fixed onto a single supporting base. They convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electric energy and provide renewable energy to the whole water pumping system. Besides, they are featured by high photoelectric conversion efficiency, long service life and strong resistance to compression and external force etc.

    • ● The system adopts high-efficient polycrystalline silicon PV modules,which could achieve maximum conversion efficiency 16.2%.
    • ● Both reliability and security of PV modules are in accordance with IEC61215, IEC61646 and IEC61730 standards. Meanwhile, PV modules have passed tests conducted according to international certifications and national Golden Sun certification, such as TUV, UL, MCS, CE and IEC etc.
    • ● PV modules used by the system have accepted performance test. In addition, there are test reports and data records which are corresponding to products’ serial number.
    • ● The temperature range in which solar modules utilized by the system operation is -40℃~+80℃; The maximum system voltage is DC1000V; power tolerance is 0~+3% and level of protection is IP65.
Solar Photovoltaic Array Mounting System

         The solar mounting systems are important in making solar installations a success. They are specially designed and developed for fixation and installation of solar panels. PV mounting structure can be equipped with solar tracing system simultaneously and direction of such structures can be adjusted according to changes of sunshine, which can greatly improve use ratio of solar energy and increase water producing efficiency eventually.

● According to clients demands, PV array mounting systems applied in the projects could have three different types, such as fixed PV mounting structure, pillar-type PV structure and slanting uniaxial PV structure.

● According to the project size and requirements, mounting structures can be equipped with manual sunshine tracing system and automatic sunshine tracing system.

● The mounting structures adopt high-strength steel structure, so it can resist wind loads≤30m/s.

● Surface of the mounting structures applies with hot-dip galvanized process so that their rust protection ability≥20a.

● Foundation of mounting system: Screw pile foundation or cement pouring foundation.


Solar Pumps

        In the Solar PV pumping system, selection of pumps is particularly critical, for which directly affects stability of the whole system. GREENANSWER mainly adopts stainless steel submersible pumps that are characterized by wide applied range and broad speed adjustable range so that they can increase working time and water yield of the system. Pumps are driven by a three phase alternating current (AC) motor. In addition, water is drawn from sources like deep wells or rivers and then is injected into pools or pipe network system.

    • ● The system selects and uses 4-inch or 6-inch multistage deep well submersible pumps which are completely made of stainless steel. Thus, it is no doubt that such pumps have strong resistance to corrosion.
    • ● Efficiency of photovoltaic water pump motor is higher than 90%. Motors dedicated for water injection-type submersible pumps have powerful ability of anti-overload and high temperature resistance.
    • ● Dominant bearing and thrust bearing of the water pump motor is made of high wear-resistant material, so they have great carrying capacity. Besides, they are equipped with sand prevention and automatic pressure-balanced equipment.
    • ● The water pump series adopts the three phase current whose general specification i 3x220V, 50Hz or 3x380V, 50Hz.
    • ● It is easy to maintain and overhaul water pumps. Meanwhile, it is quite convenient to replace pump body and electrical machine. Additionally, it is ensured that damageable parts can be provided in a long term.
    • ● Requirements for service environment and conditions: prohibit from electrifying, testing or operating the machine under anhydrous conditions. Content of solid in water source must not exceed 0.02%; Range of pH value ranges from 6.2 to 8.5
SK Controller & Inverter

      Controller & Inverter mainly utilizes the DC output by solar PV arrays and change it into three-phase AC current. By converting and controlling the system, it drives solar pumps to operate normally. As core component of GREENANSWER solar PV water pumping system, controller & inverter plays an important role in reliable operation of the whole system.

    • ● They have splendid photovoltaic maximum power tracing ability and efficiency and can make full use of solar electric power resources.
    • ● They adopt large power surplus so that they can satisfy reliable operation in high altitude areas.
    • ● Efficiency of control & Inverters used by TCI solar PV water pumping system≥97%.
    • ● Remote monitoring function is realized, so real-time data about operation of photovoltaic water pump system can be detected, which largely improves capacity of operation service.
    • ● They have stable soft start and shut functions as well as multiple protection for operation of water pumps, including loss of phase, over-voltage and under-voltage as well as water-break and full water, which ensure service life of photovoltaic pumps.
    • ● They have complete parameter setting and display functions, which enables debugging and installation to be quite convenient.
    • ● They are equipped with power systems dedicated for energy storage. In the situation that the photovoltaic water pumping system is in idle or its power is not enough to start water pumps’ work, high-power stored energy output is provided, which together with the photovoltaic water pumping system forms a dual system to solve electricity utilization in daily life and work.