Solar Pump

The TCI of AC powered pumps are complete made of AISI 304 Stainless steel multistage (body and impeller).The pumps are characterized by wide applied range and broad speed adjustable rang so that they can increase working time and water flow rate. The pumps are fitted to water filled brushless 3 phase AC 380V NEMA standard Motor.

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  • Typical Application
    ◎ Water supply and irrigation systems
    ◎ Lowering underground water
    ◎ Booster
    ◎ Various industrial application

    Operating conditions
    ◎ Solid grain-or-fiber-free dilute clean non-corrosive
    ◎ Maximum liquid temperature: 35℃
    ◎ Maximum working pressure:38 bar
    ◎ PH:6.5~8.5
    ◎ Maximum diving depth:≤50m

    NEMA Motor and Pump
    ◎ Pump series: three phase current, 3×220V, 50HZ or 3×380V, 50HZ
    ◎ Motor efficiency:≥90%