SK Controller & Inverter

SK controller & inverter, which is specially designed for the AC pump motors, converts DC input from the solar array into AC output to drive the water pump. With the MPPT (maximum power point tracking) function, it regulates and optimize the output frequency according to solar irradiation in real time to achieve the maximum system efficiency.

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  • ◎ 3-phase string, suitable for all AC 3-phase pump motor sizes 0.75kW~90kW.
    ◎ Integrated DC circuit switch breaker
    ◎ Designed for all TCI SK pump models and can be retrofitted to existing installation.
    ◎ Integrated hybrid AC 380V power (diesel generator) transfer switch
    ◎ Efficiency more than 98% with official laboratory test report.
    ◎ Maximum MPPT efficiency more than 99.7%
    ◎ Adjustable operating parameters.
    ◎ Dry water running breaker sensor and full water breaker sensor protection.
    ◎ Automatic start & stop: start when sufficient solar power is available to pump.
    ◎ High tech of remote control system unique design based on GSM satellite signal