139.5KW Solar Brine Pump ( China,Golmud City,2014)

139.5KW Solar Brine Pump (2014,northwest of China,Golmud City,Qinghai Province)

Project Location: N36°24’’51’’, E94°53’42’’, Golmud City, Qinghai Province, China

Complete time: December, 2014.

Pump: Brine Pumps from brine wells, 2*22kW+3*15kW.

Project presentation: First project of solar generator used for the brine mine pump in northwest China. This project consists of 5 pumps, 2 of 22kW and 3 of 15kW. Total brine water yield from the 5 wells is 500m3/h. The project was invested by CITIC (China International Trust and Investment Corporation), the largest conglomerate in China.

The project place is far away from the transformer substation, thus it costs so expensive to get electricity from the grid. As the result, the solar pump is the best solution for our client CITIC.