2018 The 14th Philippine National Corn Congress

 Time: NOV14-16 2018

venue: Davao City

Buhajin Forest from Jiaxing to the Philippines to Davao, a strip of water, Belt and Road, the way consensus, fruitful! The Philippines has 30 million hectares of land, 47 percent of which is agricultural land, mainly near cities and densely populated areas. 15.8 million hectares of woodland, 13 million hectares of agricultural land, 5.56 million farms, 7.2 million hectares of arable land, and 1.29 hectares per capita of farmers. The main crops are rice and corn. Godsend energy to help Philippine agriculture project, using photovoltaic water technology to flourish the Philippine agricultural economy, promote friendship between China and Philippines! The system can be used in combination with all kinds of water-saving irrigation equipment (such as sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, micro-irrigation), which can reduce the irrigation water quota by 3070 and increase the crop yield by 20%. It reduces the transmission voltage and storage, and greatly reduces the cost of input and maintenance. Compared with diesel water pumping, PV pumping system can be equal to diesel power input in 3-4 years. In the next 20 years, there will be no need to expend energy consumption. At the exhibition, Mr. Yang Patriotic, a representative of the godsend side, exchanged cooperation projects with the Philippine intention businessmen. The system advantage coincided with the local agricultural pain points. The market demand was extensive, the cost broke through, and the technology was shared. To provide advanced technology for corn planting and export in the Philippines. Cooperation in the formulation of irrigation development planning, construction of water conservancy facilities, the establishment of farmland irrigation network.