Hand in hand with Elion group photovoltaic sand prevention 2018

 Greenanswer and Elion works together to clean up energy resources for desertification control, new energy development, use of Sloar pump system to serve desertification model planting, solution to water problem, desert land space for planting trees, recommending, planting flowers, planting medicinal materials, The carbon sink carrier and water conservation carrier that contribute a great deal to the earth, and contribute to the achievement of the global emission reduction gap and the response to climate change.

 water pump   solar panel              Inverter  Storage tank
SK15          250w* 144 pcs     20kw          5.6*3.8*2.4 m*4 pcs 
Elion Resources Group manages more than 6000 square kilometers of green Kubuqi desert, creating ecological wealth of more than 500 billion yuan, bringing more than 102000 people out of poverty. According to monitoring results released by the nasa in 2019, the greening area of the earth's surface has increased by about 518 million hectares compared with 17 years ago, which is equivalent to one more Amazon rainforest. One and four of them are due to China, especially to China's afforestation projects. Satellite monitoring data show that the contribution of the afforestation area of Kubuqi to desertification control is 1 ‰. According to incomplete statistics, the Elion Resources Group managed the desert, rehabilitated the ecology for 30 years, planted more than 1 billion green plants, and firmly built an ecological "small Great Wall" for "Belt and Road Initiative." in December 2018, The Chinese government awards the "Green Great Wall Medal" to Elion Resources Group.
The picture shows a survey and survey of the godsend Energy Project.