The leader of Tciecos Energy paid a return visit to our solar pump project in Thies2019

On 8th, September, 2019, the project director, Mr. Leonardo YE visited our solar pump project in Thies, Senegal for a regular maintenance, which was constructed in June, 2016. An on-site technical meeting was made to help the client to use better the system and avoid any mistake, in order to prolong the lifespan of the whole system.



Technical Specification of the Project 

Panneau Solaire Installé

Puissance électrique crête: 27,000Wp  

Spécification: 250Wp*108pcs


Puissancede pompe: 18,500Wp                    

Puissance moteur: 22,000Wp

Spécification: HMT=77-93m ; Débit: 60-50m3/h connecté directement aux tuyaux de goutte-à-goutte avec la pression suffisante 1,5Bar~2Bar.

Onduleur& Controller

Puissance:22,000Wp, 3-phasi 380V,0~60Hz.


2 ans à compter du jour de la réception provisoire.




The procedure of our visit:

1. Feedback on system daily usage;

2. Feedback on problem during the operation;

3. After-sales service response;

4. Other suggestion 

The main concern of the client that we learned during the visit is as follows:

1. The operation of the solar pump serves well of the irrigation system;

2. The function and quality of the system is better than expectation;

3. The client feels satisfied about the quick responses of after-sales service;

4. The system is running well, no faults and other problems;


We appreciate the warm reception of Mr. Abdoukhadim Moussa for our visit, and we hope our system will continue to operate stably to bring excellent benefits for Mr. Moussa.